University of California Berkeley

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101 Sproul Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
(510) 642-6000


5/5 stars

I admit that giving a high rating is rather self-serving to an alumnus, but… CS grad school was hell, but…

The reception you receive in the wider world can be stunning. Typically, people chatter with each other during questions after a conference presentation. If you ask a question and add "… from Berkeley" after you announce your name, they shut up and listen even though you're a student. Berkeley's a public school with that reputation.

In many fields, there is no better value for the money. In some fields, there are no better schools period. Some peers, sure, but none fundamentally better. The undergrad curriculum in CS is more thorough than many universities' graduate programs. The opportunities at all levels to participate in field- and industry-leading research is excellent.

The opportunities to lose yourself and wallow in the pit of perfectionism also are everywhere. Beware. There are costs other than money.

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thanks for inspiring me to finally right a review for my own alma mater. it had been sitting as an unfinished review for months, and I had tons of fun writing it/rambling on forever. : ]
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