A reflection of me

Besides this site and my current work site, other autonomous/free sites with slivers of my identity:

Places with code (some repeats):

Proprietary services, which alas outnumber the autonomous services:

OpenIDs, regardless of freedom-respecting status

Blasts from the past:

People I know, to seed semweb fetchers (inclusion/exclusion are purely by random accident):

A reflection of me

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E. Jason Riedy
Personal email: ,
Work email: ,
2722 Winburn Terrace
East Point, Georgia 30344 USA

xmpp:jason.riedy@gmail.com, ymsgr:sendim?jasonriedy
sip:ejr@ekiga.com (although I rarely have it active)

And if you see a machine named pop up on a local network, it's probably me.

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