I doubt if I'll keep up with all the great prompts at all the great sites (Big Tent Poetry, We Write Poems, Poetic Asides, Writer's Island, POW, and others), but all the talk of Ren Faire lately made the Big Tent's resonate.

calling out with a slightly off mystique
wallowing in the seedy sensual
exhibiting only the bizarre freak
challenging reason's illusory dual

to run away, chase possibilities,
to dive deeply within that core of wants
to fly far above the hope and the tease
to pick your own craziness, mirrored taunt

is nothing but a cloud of dust raised up
being left behind the traveling sideshow
was only passed fancy filling this cup
am I left here with empty hopes in tow

next time around, again, I'll follow chance
before I'm left with dreamed lusty romance

I do have to admit that my first, knee-jerk response was a tad shorter.

on running away
my calling litters the road:
elephant droppings

the longer one is fine, and even has a little of the barker’s cadence, but the shortie tickles me
Comment by barbara
I too love the senryu. But the long one is deeper, and the half rhymes add to the interest.
Comment by vivinfrance
A sonnett! How wonderful…and the little tickler at the end was very fun.
Comment by Cynthia Short
I like them both! The wistfulness in the first, longer poem resonates for me, personally. Like the language, the constructions of longing for “slightly off.” The humor of the senryu is a big boon. :-) Thanks for joining the Big Tent fun this week!
Comment by Deb
Jason, In the first you capture the essence of how it must feel to run off with the circus. And the second one is very funny. Nice. Pamela
Comment by pamela
i like “pick your own craziness”! thanks for joining the circus! :)
Comment by Carolee
I enjoyed them both! And I agree with Carolee, liked “pick your own craziness” — don’t we always?
Comment by Joyce Ellen Davis
The short one is a jewel! However, the long one is a fine read with lots of great imagery.
Comment by Tumblewords
wistful and whimsical
Comment by lucychili
I love sonnets and yours is a good one. Better step carefully with the elephant droppings!
Comment by derrick2
Thanks, all! The shorter forms have less room for rough spots… Now to go catch up on reading… The downside of so many people writing well is the compulsion to read it all and learn from you all.
Comment by Jason Riedy
the last bit…i had to smile then laugh…how short and sweet our longing is…
Comment by pieceofpie
Both poems are good. Love the sonnet.
Comment by Rallentanda
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