Another quickie, but at least it's to the RWP prompt:

orange fast blurs of fur
tumbling through smiles and laughs
into stretched out naps

Another poem's floating around my head with the scent of morels and dirt, but we'll see if it makes it out.


Good one Jason. Love the pic! Pamela
Comment by pamela
a purrrfeckt ku… the foto captures everything and more… who knew a chair could be so delightful!!! here kitty kitty
Comment by pieceofpie
Aw…so sweet! Love the kitten climbing the chair. (I guess you know who the cat lovers are!)
Comment by Robin
Adorable kittens. Who couldn’t love cats!
Comment by Rallentanda
The one climbing is Bounder, short for East-Bound, the direction of the road in SW VA from which he was rescued. His older buddy is Mr. Godfrey, rescued from a tree in California and the sweetest, most gentle cat ever. Godfrey’s named for the pre-code movie “My Man Godfrey,” which we highly recommend. The photo’s from over a year ago. Godfrey still was trying to figure out this little critter. He was accustomed to an older, ornery gray cat and not another orange ball of play. And Bounder was (and is) still trying to figure out being a cat. He’s also best buddies to our doggie…
Comment by Jason Riedy
Terrific poem, and adorable cats. (I’ve never had an orange cat, which shocks me sometimes. :-) Or a black one, either. Sigh.) It’s great fun when the cat gets along with the dog. Or plurals. :-)
Comment by Deb
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