Just a little under half-way, so better than most of my cuts. I'm running low on time, so this is the best I can manage for the neat form in today's RWP prompt. I've seen cleaves, but I didn't know it was a more formal form. I think I can make this stronger, but not today.

the only time I drink their product iswhen I'm stuck in an airport without serious choices
to cleanse the palate vigorouslyleft to wander among the tightly directional people
coated by foul and malodorous left-overswith every choice already made and held tightly
from altogether too heavy indulgencespressed firmly against the chest an access badge
night leaves in its wake sendingto means to destinations to canned packages to open
up strong signals that perhaps slowmeandering paths locked down for this moment's passage
steady movement is best when standingpast each other still on sliding toothed textures

There's a sub-prompt here identified by someone else. I thank the source quietly.

I didn’t know the form was, um, so formal, either. Good take on it, and yes, it would be fun to go further (I haven’t at all, as of yet) — good for you (you are keeping the month going admirably well)!
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