An image I miss appeared after the first line of Norman Dubie's "Of Politics, & Art", and I chased it for today's RWP prompt. The image is utterly unlike his piece. I think. There is nothing deep here, not even the water. You can walk for miles without wetting your belly.

Here, on the farthest point of the peninsula
roots point knees to scorching canopies
or flay out over little worlds of sand and
swells. Buttons run trades before tides
slowly rush space between bars with blue,
congregating hermits on the brackish edge.
Fuzzy fingers hold pentamerismic tests, within
snuggle the five doves of Aristotle's lantern.
The sky's greedy eyes scan flits of splashes
for long trawls, short gulps, sprays behind.
Vines alive drape paralyzed by all filling warmth.
Laced gray fingers run locks up flat breezes
cupping silk spinners and night fliers 'till dusk
when heat roars down and shifts into the waters.
Cricket song and wing song and tiny percussives
and cymbal leaves reverse flow of air and action.
Shimmering lights cannot tell up from down and
disappear into the heart of orchestral pitch
beating up and down without sight until light
is bounced upwards again on nature's knees.

And yes, sand dollars really hold five doves within their test, and the doves make up Aristotle's lantern. I adore sand dollars.

*Update*: This appears in Dana Martin Guthrie, editor, Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo Anthology, page 86., September 2010.

Great flow to the poem, assonance and consonance. Vivid.
Comment by poemblaze
I love the musical references,the rhythm and the imagery.This is so good. Am wondering how long this takes you to do…very impressed that you whip this up in seemingly no time at all!
loving the beach as i do and the sound of the ocean coming to shore and all the rest this is beautiful… never thought of the oceanz existence as music… as if there is a full orchestra playing with members i never thought to see or hear… sand dollars are indeed mystical… thank you for stoppin by appreciate the visit and feedback… happy day 13…
Comment by pieceofpie
Rallentanda, this probably involved 45 minutes or so. I tend to keep an editor up and poke at the poems for a break. Thanks for the encouragement and comments! They definitely help push me through the month.
Comment by Jason Riedy
The sounds in this poem are great. I’d love to hear it read aloud. (Another time, maybe, when this April madness has passed!) Pulling in the great details are fabulous, too. I like the references, the bits of information and sensual experience all mixed together. (I’m a sand dollar fan. Marvelous creatures.)
Comment by Deb
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