waves of yellow
sprays of yellow
breathing yellow
swirling yellow
pavement? yellow
footprints? yellow
brush away yellow
see fresh yellow
everything yellow
and then splat
amongst yellow
pulling yellow
another splat
snowflake yellow
splatter splat
tossed out yellow
revealing splats
flowing yellow
and now color
gutters yellow

Yes, I have a title. No, this isn't following the prompt. While a neat process idea (I'm new to the whole process thing; I typically stumble randomly), nature was quite insistently prompting all week. Most pollen scales list all counts over 120 ppm as extremely high. The last few days have had pollen counts over 5000 ppm. As one friend put it, it's "a tree bukkake party out there." Today it's raining, thankfully.

I Really like this poem, rather yellowish colour to it,:) Colour is good! Peace, Laz
Comment by lazfreedman
Love love love it!
Comment by Nathan Strange
yellow is good…thanks for sharing all your words
Comment by wayne
oh man i got a headache… for no other reason but the very pollen you speak of… i really, really, really like the format!!! it fits in perfectly with the content… a nice visit repairable repartee
Comment by pieceofpie
Terrific response to your day. Especially liked the second to last line, something of a band leader’s patter to it. Relentless, yet playful. (Can’t even imagine what allergy sufferers must feel. Yikes!)
Comment by Deb
Thank you! This started as some vague notes, and then I noticed the rhythm (patter: much, much better word). Oh, and the yellow settled back onto everything after the rain. Yet somehow I can breathe fine. For now.
Comment by Jason Riedy
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