Inspired by the prompt, but not following the method:

a paired market stroll
soft turn to the side, i smile
my shirt's a snot rag
sometimes you just don't expect
the many forms that love takes

Had to use that incident…

And I have to thank all the people who contributed prompts. Please ignore the complainers. Also, happy 41st birthday to RFC 1!

I love being someone’s snotrag.
Comment by Kagerrr
What a neat poem! I always try to have loads of tissues for my wife, but I can relate. ;-) Alan With Words
Comment by Alan Summers
only in love do we offer ourselves so freely… now thaz the kinda love we all wanna experience at least a dozen times a day… !!! erotic engine
Comment by pieceofpie
It’s funny fuzzy.
This made me “Awww” out loud! I really feel I can relate too. Nothing like the sharing of unflattering bodily functions with the one you love :) There is something very concise and clear about that first line. It conjures a vivid image with very few words. Those last lines are great as well. Truer words never spoken. Love this.
Comment by ericahawleyscime
Awww Jason….you blew it!
Comment by Rallentanda
Thank you! As soon as I saw the prompt, I knew what incident I had to use… My wife still apologizes. Needlessly. It was too cute…
Comment by Jason Riedy
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