Maybe silly, but that's the point. Whenever I'm in too deep a rut of a mood, I rely on prairie dogs. I had seem them in SF's zoo, but that's nothing like seeing wild prairie dogs in the Badlands of South Dakota. Our move from California is the best memory of my life, and the memory of the little prairie dogs ignoring us and gleefully flinging dirt back and forth is one of the highlights.

jump yip stand chirp strech toss the tiny rock
over to the other little stand yip toss cock
the head to the side and check out what's looking
but ultimately the Cynomys knows the little things
are the matter tossed to and fro are other than
the big things that might threaten what comes and
those big things just aren't hovering here right now
so let's just toss and yip and enjoy what makes us wow.

Still need to catch up on reading. Some friends pointed out Spartacus, alas, and they swear it's better after the first few episodes. But those first few are horrible. All violence. All blood. Sprinklings of sex, but only to keep you watching for more blood. Are we really Rome anew? Or can we look to our little prairie dog friends for inspiration?

(AfterEdit: Yet another great prompt…)

Charming critters! I like the back story, how they cheer and the resultant poem. I like how the pace & words fit them so well and the last line in particular is terrific. Love that it ends on “wow!”
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