Glacier Brewhouse

  • Glacier Brewhouse
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737 W 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501 USA
(907) 274-2739


4/5 stars

Ok flat bread, interesting conversation, and a fantastic beer.

As a solo traveler this time, I didn't have much of a wait for a seat at the bar. I ordered a "sausage pizza" that was really a flat bread. Not a bad one taste-wise (mmmm… reindeer…), but the presentation didn't even hide that the sauces were squeezed out of a bottle. And it's not a pizza. I suppose most of the cruise boat crowd doesn't know that flat breads are a good category on their own, so I can't blame the restaurant much.

Which brings me to the conversation. Whoa. Poor 50s+ guy was trapped on his cruise after helping rebuild the banking system in an invaded, war-torn country while dodging IEDs and mortar rounds. That certainly was an interesting conversation. And it was assisted by an *amazing* cask-aged IPA. I intended on trying more than one of their beers, but they couldn't get better, so why?

So really this is a 3-ish star food review being bumped up by a great experience and a great beer.

Yelp tags: American (Traditional)

то что сеошники испортили много чего, с этим я пожалуй соглашусь. Мне непонятно только одно, если вы противики dofollow, и такие сторонники ”чесных” комментариев, зачем тогда это присловутое поле ”ваш сайт”?
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