A metronym, oddly enough:

I always move better under water,
never mastering the art of breaking
tension with a minimum of fuss and spray.

From down below shapes sway around each push;
you can sculpt what’s above, within limits.
And all sounds’ meanings form waves of pressure.

But eventually I still must breathe, sigh.
Staying under so long spreads worries out,
a second spash to those who caught the first.

I like skimming a bunch of the prompt sites and waiting until something catches. This started without my realizing it follows Shanna Germain’s prompt. I’d love to push this into a longer form like a sonnet, but I never seem to return and edit any of these.

comment 1

Nice! Well done to the prompt, Jason.


Comment by Anonymous
Just realized this tangentially relates to a Big Tent prompt as well. Neat how ideas catch onto each other.
Comment by Jason Riedy

(It is odd how the prompts can feel so related.)

I like the feel in this, the tension, attention. I hope you’ll find a way to get back to it and sonnetize it. I’d like to read that poem, too.

Comment by Anonymous
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