A cool friend pointed everyone at a neat music mix of hanky-panky music… It’s missing a few good or irreverent pieces, but it’s quite good.

And after having a ton of blog spam problems, my blog’s now filtering my posts. sigh.

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ah! cool! i added you to my google reader a while ago but i think i forgot to put you in the folder i’m reading right now.. i am behind on most of my blogs because of exams but i’ll be sure to add yours to my priority list. : ]

ps you made my head spin re commerce clause. boo.

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ps that was tamara. rawr.
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Although I’m still playing with this thing. Having issues with respect to spam v. actual interaction, so I may switch to something else at the same site… But now I’ve had two people comment! Woo-hoo! ;)

But the commerce clause is over-applied. Sometimes it’s not the clause itself but other precedent that places the boundary. I also approach issues with a mathematician’s mind, so I expect things to be more clear-cut than in reality. Reality is rather over-rated, however. Hm. I wonder if Yelp has reviews for reality.

Comment by Jason Riedy
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