Next month (April) is National Poetry Writing Month. There’s a yearly challenge to write some poem each day for the entire month. I’d love to see more people jump into the fray. The Poetry@Tech attendance makes me hopeful for an ever-larger participation.

Last year I managed despite having just acquired a mortgage and still being beyond my depth in a thesis. This year I’m scared. I’ve managed another writing-a-day challenge, but I don’t feel the same connection to April.

Or perhaps I feel too much of a connection to everything else that’s going on. I feel like much of my field is in a mess. There’s a mountain of personal work to accomplish at home, physically and emotionally. I feel even more underwater than I did last year.

I’ll try. I haven’t “submitted my site” yet, so I may chicken out. Particularly after having experience with actual chickens. We’ll see.

sounds like you have lots going on. hope to read some of your poetry, but also hope it is not under duress. i’ve sat some aprils out, myself. :-)
Comment by Deb
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poetry!??! I wanna read! don’t chicken out now! go, go, go! haiku.
Comment by Anonymous
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