those of us in back
appreciate little things
even a slight breeze

I knew my flight to the meeting was too comfortable.

squashed inwards three ways
do I pass the same fortune
to the nameless one?

I also think my little haiku, senryū, and any other short forms are cheating, because that’s how I use them. I have fewer good short forms than full poems, so… But I’m tired, fried, and have fresh new deadlines.

And to all the assholes who ignore instructions, shove your seats all the way back, and take up far more than your seat, kindly jump out at 30k feet. We won’t cry.

I realize this is a trivial complaint in the world’s larger context, but damn it’s big in my immediate context.


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Yikes did I ignore instructions? Going to return to my site and separate the poems, and return to “The Island” and check out instructions I might have missed in my haste to be a part of the challenge.

If, I did anything outside of the “rules” apologies… not an auspicious start for those who don’t know me… for those who do… well mea culpa as well.. (btw in all of the English language you have used one of the two words that I just won’t use… but perhaps, I imagine, that is within “the rules.” Hope you had a good flight…

Comment by Anonymous
Yikes! No, I'm referring to people on planes.
The fellow in front of me flaunted any instructions about in-flight cell phone use, slammed his seat as far back as he could, and generally was a jerk. Nothing to do with NaPoWriMo! This month is about writing. Instructions can be tossed out the window whenever you want (or rather tossed into the recycling bin).
Comment by Jason Riedy
I have been submitting regularly over at Poetic Asides for years…. Just came to ” the Island”. Thought perhaps that submitting too many tossed off poems was annoying! Thsnks fir the response…also didn t realize until now..needed to sign in so my comment was not anonymous! I believe Anonymous has far too many writing credits….
Comment by Anonymous
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