I had a sonnet idea relating two Big Tent prompts and Robert Brewer’s third PAD prompt, but it stubbed its toes on useless weight.

So here’s a little frivolity from Big Tent’s “Write about making a phone call” prompt:

Eight interruptions immediately appear
Six seconds into my fingers’ dance.
Seven of them really don’t matter.

Five bursts of voltage pulse a
Three lettered FXO sitting beside a bed.
Oh, um, hello?
Nine times out of ten, I chicken out.

And NaPoWriMo.net has an interesting little toy: pwoermds!

  • theraptathesaurus: helping, terrifiying, and creating together
  • windgoes: as in those shuttered windgoes
  • quadrambling: which I want to use sometime
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I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of commenting here, but I wanted to say that I enjoyed the phone call and laughed out loud at your pwemrds.
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