I’m not defining attention. It’s too different from time to time. Sometimes I’m in one depth to the excusion of all others, and other times I’m spread across many surfaces.

But attention tugged the corner of my eye when I wasn’t looking.

I have many things occuring all at once. These things await descriptions either because of intentional silence or simply the work needing done before describing them.

In the middle, my wife and I won tickets to a show (Guys and Dolls) at the wonderful Fox Theater in Atlanta and met for dinner at Ecco. The dinner was fantastic. The show was fantastic. The whole night was fantastic. And I blame one quick notice, just a tiny bit of attention.

A butterfly’s shadow floated past street debris on my way to dinner. When I looked up, all I could see was the sun.

I did not remember this until I looked at the Friday call. The butterfly, whereever and whatever it was, woke me just a bit on the way to meeting my wife.

While my attention sometimes is lent to mundane aspects, sometimes the mundane aspects bring a little attention to life.

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Your site looks different now. I like it. I’ve never been able to get OpenID to work, though, so I can’t sign in. :-/

Thank you for your post here and at This Life Lived. It’s OK to not define attention. It’s a good point to talk about how and why it can’t be defined.

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That comment above was from me, Dana. Hi again.
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