• Zotz

8210 Oak St
New Orleans, LA 70118 USA
(504) 861-2224


5/5 stars

I've been sitting here a few hours catching up on work, writing reviews, people watching, and drinking coffee. I like this place. The barista was ready to answer about the beans in different brews (and has good taste). The cappuccino was big and good. Fun music (not live at the moment), dog friendly, wireless network, and all around goodness.

This is the type of place where I see myself being a regular if I lived here. (So yes, I'm a bit of a creeper, too. If by "a bit of" you mean "through and through".) There was someone practically passed out on the game table at lunchtime, and they handled his request for calling a cab with aplomb. I suspect it's not uncommon in New Orleans, but it's nice to see in a coffee shop. Right now, there's a woman studying and a man knitting. A wide variety of reasons to be here with your eyes open, too.

Cash only, and tips deserved.

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea

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