Yeah! Burger

1168 Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA
(404) 496-4393


4/5 stars

I'm still a fan, but… um. The gluten-free burger's bun seems to have deteriorated in quality. Now it's the kind that crumbles as soon as you look at it. There's been this trend kinda downward. It's not just the shine wearing off. They still serve good meat and follow overall good practices, but the quality seems to be dimming. We've never had a problem with service, and the folks who work there always have been great. Tonight they had a problem with their 420, so they bumped me up to a Left Hand Milk Stout without missing a beat.

But their idea of a shrimp po'boy? It missed on the key, most unifying ingredient: the bread. Yes, it's H&F, but that doesn't mean it's the right bread. No crunch. And I'm a glutenoid, so gimme my damn crunch when I can get it. That crunch is what makes it a po'boy. Sesame seeds? Um. Also, make sure you spice up the shrimp enough, get those sweet succulent Gulf sea-bugs, and provide appropriate hot sauce. The closest I could find were something from Texas and some Jim Beam thingy. I know most folks don't even realize the Mississippi crosses more than one state, but at least pay attention to its outlet before it's washed out to sea a second time.

So we're still fans, but not exactly loyal fans. The GF aspect and the wonderful rice flour coating on their onion rings will have us returning, but they need to step their game back up for their prices. Perhaps fewer on-line deals and more attention to detail? I don't know. Yeah Burger seems like it's losing its momentum.


0/5 stars

Another gluten-free bonus-giver… I really *like* the GF onion rings. The little bit of rice flavor in the batter is a neat change.

My burger was actually quite juicy and good. It was just to medium. It's a shame they don't let it stay a bit more red. It's grass-fed beef, and we're in a good time of year for it. We'll see how it is in the winter… That's when we might see a difference between purely grass-fed and grain-finished. The tomatoes are in season, too, so that's a nice flavor bump. The grilled Vidalia onion was perfect. The Yeah! sauce was a bit more of am Um? sauce, alas. Sounded like the garlic aioli was more flavorful.

And soft-serve Strauss family ice cream… That's the Yeah! part. Soft-serve with weight. It's not just air.

There seems to be about a dollar premium on the draft beers. Odd.

All the containers are biodegradable, much of the produce is organic, and appropriate bits are locally sourced. A bit more of a bonus. You pay for it, but that's just how it is right now. (Ok, the Strauss creamery milk is from the other coast, but their dairies generate more power than they use. I won't mention how…)

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