YEAH! Burger

1017 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306 USA
(404) 437-7845


2/5 stars


Ok, we've tried this location a few times. Today was the end. This review does not reflect on the Westside location. There are quite a few reasons why the other dozen or five dozen or so burger places in the immediate vicinity of this location no longer are complaining about Yeah! Burger.

First impression today? The door handle. The freakin' screw isn't tight. By "isn't tight", I mean that the door handle pulls out a full inch. In many ways, this is a trivial consideration. It's one that makes many point at "yelpers" and laugh. This was just foreshadowing. If a location of an "up and coming chain" cannot manage to keep their door intact… Does not bode well for the upcoming price.

Afterwards, well… We ordered a side of gluten-free onion rings. We were served a 50/50 of GF onion rings and fries. Um. Oops. Not too bad in itself, except that none of the above was completely fried. The fries were as limp as Kit, and the onion rings were undercooked. The puddle of oil underneath was rather reflective. Hence the frying was far too cold (and yes, Nathan S. is my wife, and I'm more forgiving).

My fully gluten-o-rific burger with bacon marmalade and intentional fungus was fine. We're spoiled by game and really free-range meat, so the burger itself was just fine. Not a big deal for us, which probably reflects well on Yeah! Burger, but also not remarkable. The meat itself is worth the price. The sides here are *not*. My burger overall was ok. My wife's GF bun fell apart, unlike the other Yeah! Burger location on westside.

This makes me sad. Some of the people who work at this location absolutely rock. The end result, however, does not. The ridiculous flood of burger joints means any expensive burger joint must be a cut above. This location is not. It may be someday given the owner's efforts in reaching out to customers, but not so far.

The clientele appears to be your typical pseudo-environmental weenie (hey, look, I eat out at a "conscious" restaurant while driving my SUV and throwing trash out the window). That also makes me sad. This Yeah! Burger misses out on educational opportunities. The other location likely also does, but the experience is smooth enough that I don't notice. I'm fickle like that.

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