Yan's China Bistro & Bar

2929 N Main St
Walnut Creek, CA 94597 USA
(925) 944-5968


5/5 stars

We arrived with the beginning of the dinner rush, but also just before the dinner rush help, so service was frantic at first. Once the rest of their staff arrived, everything was smooth. The food was well-flavored and plentiful. The seasoning was throughout the dish and not just in flecks, the sauces were balanced with the rest of the meal, and the ingredients tasted fresh and cooked just right.

The spice level on my dish (General Tzo's, up to transliteration) was a little below what I wanted, but it more than made up for it by having a full and rich flavor. My wife's curry dish was HUGE. It lasted for three meals. Again, not too heavy on the curry, but that's how we prefer it.

Given the quantities, Yan's is not expensive. Limiting yourself to proper serving sizes will leave plenty of leftovers. And it's telling that the leftovers did not taste as good as fresh. The sauces and seasonings already were married to the dishes; more time did not bring out more flavors as it does with many restaurants.

Yelp tags: Chinese Beer, Wine & Spirits Ethnic Food

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