Woolworth Walk

  • Woolworth Walk

25 Haywood St
Asheville, NC 28801 USA
(828) 254-9234


4/5 stars

On a quick digestive pass through the upstairs, the art quality seems to have improved, or at least aligned more to my tastes. The $17k table was honestly impressive but a bit out of place. And the Carolina BBQ reuben was *great*. Definitely a great quick lunch stop when passing through town, and worth a closer look when you have the time.


0/5 stars

Maybe I'm revoltingly picky, but many of the works here bordered on tacky. A few artists had excellent work, but for some reason they were downstairs and not at all obvious. The idea is fantastic, and the place definitely gets traffic. We didn't try the soda fountain, and it was off-season, so my review may not be indicative of the place at peak.

Update: Ok, this time we ate there. The food is surprisingly good! And the milkshakes look dangerous.

Yelp tags: Art Galleries

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