471 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307 USA
(404) 525-3363


4/5 stars

This place gets a bonus for the great company who took me there, but the food was quite good. Definitely southern influences throughout. Some were direct, like the shrimp and grits I had. And others just include a bit more salt, a bit more sweet than a dish otherwise may have. The scallops with pork bellies is a great example. The scallops are a bit too gentle in flavor, but they add a wonderful texture under the salty pork and the sweet molasses. The shrimp and grits main course was exactly what I wanted. The grits were fine and creamy while still substantial enough to soak in the sauce. And the shrimp were wonderfully firm and about as flavorful as expected given the state of shrimping and of shrimp. A good wine selection and an attentive staff pretty much ensure I'll return.

Yelp tags: American (New) Southern

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