Wild Ginger

1401 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101 USA
(206) 623-4450


4/5 stars

Open the door, and get hit by the delicious smell. The food lived up to that smell. Yes, it's "fusion," but it's good. I no longer remember which satays we tried, but they were a good beginning. My clams were fresh, tasting both of spices and the sea. If I remember correctly, my wife chose a gluten-free curry that also was quite clean-tasting. Poor curries end up muddled, but this was bright.

Our excellent server helped with selecting gluten-free items, and there was no shortage of choices. Or of food. The smaller portions were more than enough for us; we left quite stuffed. Decor's kinda bland, but we were too busy with the food to notice much.

Yelp tags: Thai Chinese

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