Whole Foods Market

650 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 853-1681


3/5 stars

Oops. I was just reminded that the Whole Foods in CA stopped carrying that many bulk items right before we moved (year ago or so). I can't bring myself to go to four stars just out of spite about that change.

But it's still a reliable place for *good* meat, produce, and cheese.


0/5 stars

This is the first Whole Foods I've been in since California, so I may be a bit behind the times… The bulk selection is microscopic. Bulk herbs? Teas? Nope.

Naturally, the cheeses and wines rock. I was going to give two stars (I have experienced much better even from Whole Paycheck), but they highlight local produce, beers, and wines. That's a quick +1 from me.

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