Waji's @ SeaTac

  • Sticky rice...
  • Waji's @ SeaTac

17801 International Blvd
SeaTac, WA 98158 USA
(206) 824-6300


3/5 stars

It's still airport food, but at least places on the west coast get one thing right: sticky rice. No Uncle Ben's here. Otherwise, the katsu sauce was one of the major brands. The gyoza were a nice touch. Being able to shovel the rice into my mouth while my flight was boarding definitely was a winner.

I feel bad leaving this at three stars. In most of the US airports, Asian fast-food is so disgusting that I lose my appetite from the smell. This wasn't bad. But it wasn't good enough to bump out of three stars. If you're in Concourse C, this probably is the best food. It's fast enough for you to reach your connection.

Yelp tags: Asian Fusion Sushi Bars Japanese

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