144 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003 USA
(212) 228-9682


4/5 stars

Operation Endure Until I Find a Blintz: Success.

I couldn't find the place I vaguely remembered along my now-wife's commute from East Village, so I headed to Veselka. I have no idea what the address is, but my feet can find it. Even jet-lagged after being in Poland for nearly a week.

The blintz. The raspberries. Yup. Around fourteen years later, and they're still wonderful. And now I can afford them. Good thing I don't live nearby. I rather suspect the rest of the menu remains wonderful as well. I even recognized some of the folks in charge. That's a good sign.

Veselka is not a place to go in a hurry. It's a place to go for food. I had to trade off a different, later stop for my blintz fix, and I'm not at all sorry.

Yelp tags: Diners Polish Ukrainian

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