Varsity Grill and Sports Bar

7590 Friendship Rd
Baltimore, MD 21240 USA
(410) 850-5500


1/5 stars

Yelp needs a sub-category called "crap." The chicken fingers were so stringy and over-cooked that I could use them to floss out the under-cooked, soggy potato goo from the, um, well, non-fried-things. I think they were fried in the wrong buckets. The hostess was good and quick, which is incredibly important in an airport, but yech. I'm sure the bottled beer is safe, but who's buying Stella at airport prices? (My travel's on other peoples' tax money, so I don't…)

Many airports have *good* food outside the security perimeter. They recognize that people waiting or people who happen to arrive when hungry need to eat. BWI? Apparently not. This food is so bad, my phone's camera refused to save the photo.

Do not go. Graze at one of the "cafe" places instead.

Yelp tags: American (Traditional)

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