Urban Cannibals Bodega and Bites

  • Urban Cannibals Bodega and Bites

477 Flat Shoals Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316 USA
(404) 230-9865


5/5 stars

I don't visit as often as I would like. I don't eat Chef Calavino's food as often as I would like, either. Tequila gravy on fresh buttermilk biscuits? Oh, man…

Urban Cannibals definitely is a neighborhood place. It's not just that it's so handy for people on foot but also the events. They have "sundae Sunday" with fresh-baked brownies that draws in families. Fridays are pizza fixins nights, where they supply all the ingredients and you supply the heat for an easy, family *together* meal. They organize a CSA pickup, keeping people informed on-line about what's available and what to do with it. They carry local dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc.) and local honey (so, so good). And they're always ready with a good word or advice.

They're not just about sending excellently prepared food your way; they're also about making and creating and enjoying food in general. The food will be different day to day, serving to serving, but that's *right*. It's real food, and, in my experience, really good food.


0/5 stars

As a caveat: This is a preliminary review based on their opening day, their willingness to try nifty plans, and memories of Calavino's wonderful jam. This will no doubt be revised with more experiences, and I'm planning on returning as often as I can.

So this will be a nice little corner store with good, fresh, yummy stuff. They don't have all their orders in yet, but they had two things I needed right now: brown sugar and AA batteries. That combination shaved a stop off my route tonight, so they already make me happy.

Their plans include carrying fresh baked bread, some combination of freshly made food, and organic produce, but not so much that they waste anything. Get there early once they ramp up. They're also managing CSA deliveries with a twist… Calavino will be adding a sauce, dip, or (maybe, I hope hope hope) jam to the mix along with fresh bread.

My only problem is they're too far from me, alas… Hopefully local folks will grab some fresh bread, a coffee from down the street, and have a good breakfast in EAV.

So right now, I'm a fan. I'm a fan of their plans and of their having what I needed tonight. Hopefully I can return soon and become a fan of the food and bread.

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