Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint

3027 N Druid Hills Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30329 USA
(404) 929-6700


3/5 stars

What to write? They have strong air conditioning. Major bonus on a day like today. The dollar draft is what you expect. Actually, the whole place is pretty much what you expect. Subway/Moe's/etc. for pizza. The ingredients are, well, about what you expect, too. They're fresh… from the plastic wrap. But for the price, what else can you expect? Having a whole wheat crust helped make the small size filling for me.

They do actually cook the pizza, which is shockingly uncommon in inexpensive places. The crust is a little charred, and the cheese is a little browned. The tastes were good but muted. That much basil on that size of pizza (a 9" individual) should have knocked me over, and the garlic should have been enough to clear the place. The sausage on my wife's was strong, though.

I can't really say I'm a *fan*, but I definitely appreciate their supporting various dietary restrictions and choices. If in the area and wanting pizza, Maddio's definitely would be high on my list.

Yelp tags: Italian Pizza Sandwiches

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