Ugly Dog Saloon & Bar-B-Que

  • Ugly Dog Saloon & Bar-B-Que

401 Andrew Higgins Dr
New Orleans, LA 70130 USA
(504) 569-8459


3/5 stars

In case you can't tell by the reviewer locations, Ugly Dog is close to the convention center. It's infinitely better than convention center food. I'm not damning with faint praise, either. Quite good, and great people.

I stopped here on a Monday, so I had to get the red beans & rice. It's ok. The sausage is good, but the beans could use more vegetables… I was kinda surprised the trinity weren't in there. The price was a tad more than I expected, but not bad for being close to the convention center. Overall, I'll be back to give it another try next time I'm at the center.

Yelp tags: Barbeque Bars

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