60 Andrew Young International Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30303 USA
(404) 577-8788


3/5 stars

Darned tasty food. I had a wonderful lamb kabap coupled with a tasty roasted red pepper sauce, nice pita pieces, and tasty, tasty rice. The flavors were surprisingly mild but good for a lunch. For the price, though, I would have liked a bit more salad to balance the meat and bread. One of my group tried the buffet and seemed quite happy… He was quiet because he was eating. Everything at the buffet seemed labeled today, and the seater gave us a tour.

Service was excellent. She kept our water full and was always available without seeming to hover. Our food was a tad slow coming out for a working lunch, but she kept us informed.

So this is a 3.5 pushed down a bit by the price. I'm going to remember Truva for the future and recommend trying it.

Yelp tags: Mediterranean

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