Troutdale Bistro

724 State St
Bristol, TN 37620 USA
(423) 989-3663


5/5 stars

We've been meaning to try Troutdale for quite some time and finally visited for lunch two days before Christmas… It's nice to walk into a place that emphasizes local foods and recognize the people in the photos from local markets and farms. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed without being too casual.

The goat cheese ravioli with butternut squash and chicken was wonderful on a chilly day. The sauce was rich but not overpowering. The calamari was surprisingly good, and the peppers lent it a nice spiciness. Obviously, not *everything* is local; squid are not indigenous to the Appalachians.

What pushed Troutdale above four stars was the service. Our server knew the dishes and provided excellent recommendations. She read us well and pointed us to dishes that "we wouldn't make at home." She also knew the wines and suggested an excellent (hence obviously not local, sorry) red.

Above and beyond, though, were two seemingly little points. One is bringing out a taste of the lamb sausage when we were trying to decide. The other is the offer to split our dishes in the kitchen when we told her we would be sharing. I've never before heard that offer. Perhaps it was the holiday spirit, but these little things kept the lone kitchen staffer (lunch, two days before Christmas) quite busy… And these points are well-appreciated.

Yelp tags: American (New) Italian

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