Toy Box

793 Merrimon Ave
Asheville, NC 28804 USA
(828) 254-8697


5/5 stars


I went ricocheting around the store looking at all the fun things. Things to make, things to play, things to cuddle, things to explore… Super friendly, honestly happy folks working there, and they clearly care about the store and their customers.

Ok selection of yo-yos, along with strings. They're against the back wall. And some nifty wind-up walking, sparking, jittering things on the counter. So hard not grabbing all those for myself. And robots (toy robots). A good display of robots. Some *cool* science kits. Fun-looking games. So many neat things I can't remember them all.

Don't expect to find war toys, etc. This is a toy store full of happiness. You feel happiness throughout. If you've "grown up," you'll regress instantly. It's great.

Yelp tags: Toy Stores

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