TownePlace Suites Baltimore BWI Airport

  • No, really, an induction range...

1171 Winterson Rd
Linthicum, MD 21090 USA
(410) 694-0060


4/5 stars

A "LEEDS-certified" eco-advertising hotel that actually walks the walk? Neat.

Normally, these places still have the full array of throw-away items. This hotel didn't. The bathroom had one plastic-wrapped item, the face soap. The other soaps were in dispensers. Not the most elegant, I admit, but also not wasteful. The kitchen had the typical powdered mud packets for that morning put-you-down, but otherwise there were no disposable items. The room even had a recycling bin. They highlight the one local food item they serve, an ok granola. And they warn you about stink bugs rather than spraying with kill-em-all-icide. I had none up on the fourth floor, but I know of one appearing on the first.

Great service. Ekatarina (likely misspelled) rummaged around late at night to find the right cables so I could correct my typos up on the big screen. Very useful for work and not just "play." The network (both wired and wireless) isn't reliably fast enough for streaming videos; download before you arrive. (They don't want to cut into their on-demand sales, I bet.)

Reasonable price, comfy bed, etc. The room also had pots, pans, and induction stovetop, a microwave, large refrigerator, dishes… This would be a good place should you be stuck in long-term meeting hell *AND* have a rental car. There's nothing grocery-related within walking distance, and nearly nothing non-hotel within walking distance.

Getting a shuttle from the airport is a tad tricky. The "courtesy phone" service does *not* exist, despite the web site's claim. And there are two TownePlace Suites by BWI. The BWI information desk may give you the wrong phone number. And then the Marriott group shuttles may speed past you without bothering to pick you up. That doesn't seem specific to this Marriott property.

The woods right outside make me think of mushroom hunting… Doubt if I'd eat any found there. They suck up all the heavy metals that fall from fuel remnants, etc. If there aren't mushrooms out there, someone should start some for cleanup… hm.

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