Tin Drum Asia Cafe

88 5th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 881-1368


3/5 stars

Half meh, half ok. It's Asian-ish fast food. I had higher hopes when I saw bottles of Sriracha on tables. But this is just another fast food joint, so the rating is set appropriately. You could do worse.

The vegetables are fresh. The meat is, well, processed. The rice is Western. I experienced a severe food coma after the "teriyaki" stir fry, although my taste buds wondered if I had actually eaten anything. The only thing I really tasted was a hint of curry in the spring roll.

And yes, I'm a picky, spoiled bastard. I actually was confused when the person bringing my food out didn't bring utensils. I don't eat fast food often. Take this review appropriately.

Yelp tags: Thai Asian Fusion

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