The Yelpies Elite Event

535 Means Street
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA


5/5 stars

Free freshly made pasta, free booze, free spirits, free-wheeling conversation, free expression of art, free fun. Who says free isn't a good thing?

The venue was fantastic. I had no idea it was back there. The artwork was a great mix. Some pieces weren't up my alley, but others were, and all were thought-provoking. We only tried the pasta, but it was great. We ate ahead of time, so we weren't around the food enough to notice the duck. Vodka? Win. Wine? Win. And more than plenty of everything to go around.

Wish I were more social and more capable of running around and talking to everyone there. Also wish I knew street names and could give decent directions. Thanks to James H. for steering Nikki K. to the event.

Yelp tags: Local Flavor

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