The Stuffed Inn

  • The Stuffed Inn

1829 Euclid Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709 USA
(510) 849-0378


5/5 stars

After being gone from Berkeley for over two years, the family at the Stuffed Inn remembered both me and my sandwich. We could talk, catch up a bit, and still not hold up the line. These folks rock. They definitely helped me make it through grad school, and I miss they daily return to sanity that the Stuffed Inn granted me.


0/5 stars

Fast, good, cheap, plentiful, and fun! There's a super-fast service refrigerator up front, but you'll miss out on the company. A certain someone who works there knows he completely rocks. They treat you like royalty, at least if you order the right sandwich…

Yelp tags: Sandwiches

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