The Pickle

Atlanta, GA 30312 USA
(404) 421-9080


4/5 stars

Fair street food means greasy and overpriced, right? Not with these folks. Two $6 meals that were filling and good.

My Cajun chicken egg rolls were delightful! Chicken, a bit of ham, corn, and other tasty vittles in a well-fried, non-greasy roll. The two sizable rolls were chopped in half and served on (iceberg) lettuce with a creamy sauce. Some splashes of tabasco, and these rolls are fantastic finger food.

My wife's black beans and rice with andouille may mix cuisines, but it's well done. Good sausage, and very well seasoned beans. Very, very filling, as good beans and rice should be. Sure, $6 is far more than beans & rice cost to make, but this is available at a street fair. And it's relatively healthy… Great option.

Looking forward to seeing the Pickle at other events.

Yelp tags: Food Stands Caterers

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