The Havana Club

  • Aerial burlesque

3112 Piedmont Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305 USA
(404) 869-8484


3/5 stars

Hm. What should someone who is far, far away from the target market use to review a place? It's a club. It's too loud to meet people and talk unless you stand outside the bathrooms. The drinks (even straight) were moderate strength, but that could be explained by the open bar when we arrived.

What rescued the venue for me (other than the company): Live music and live performance. I have no idea if these will be regular items, but non-dead entertainment is always a plus. The band was an interesting mash-up group. It's difficult to explain, but they were a good, energetic party band.

On to the performance… A woman walked into the electronica (talk about dead music) area in a nicely out-of-place outfit. The fact that she didn't fit in already was a bonus. Then she started climbing a sash in the middle of the room. After a bit of setting up, she launched into a great aerial burlesque performance. Highly, highly unexpected. If you're going to be too loud to meet new people, the unexpected remains a way to attract a crowd. As does burlesque.

If I were single, this club might be more interesting. Happily monogamous, I'll likely only return if a group of friends is going.

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