The Chocolate Box

108 Pine St
Seattle, WA 98101 USA
(206) 443-3900


5/5 stars

I was in Seattle for seven nights. I visited the Chocolate Box for four of those. The difference? I was tied to events and people past their closing time on the other nights.

If you're just visiting (like me) and want to try a variety of local chocolate products, this is your place. It's not exclusively any source. Nor is it exclusively local, but you can ask.

Molly Moon's balsamic strawberry plus their hot chocolate on top is perhaps my greatest in-store creation ever. Trying the honey mead truffle from a local chocolatier (augh! I'm blanking on correct credit! Someone help?) may be my best in-store choice ever. *EVER*. Re-cemented my determination to keep bees and make either mead or tej or both or everything. The hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows? Oh, oh, OOOOHHHH… *insert Meg Ryan orgasm impersonation here* Molly Moon's cinnamon is from real cinnamon and needs no extra sweetening.

And the people working here? Wow. Ideas, conversation, interest, everything. And it's honest. And chocolaty. They manage to sweeten everything with their personalities and joy.

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