The Cazbah

16 W McBee Ave
Greenville, SC 29601 USA
(864) 241-9909


4/5 stars

When the waitress brought my escargot, she called it heaven on a plate. She was not exaggerating. Wow. The sauce was thick, heavy, but just right for the perfectly cooked little crawlers. It's listed as a white wine reduction with roasted garlic, but it reminded me of a well-blended curry. The critters themselves were soft and succulent. The bread was *just* enough to sop up the remaining sauce. So, so good.

And the crab cakes… They held their own in flavor against the escargot's sauce. The texture was just right, a good mix of soft binding and firm crab meat.

My wife wasn't thrilled with her spinach salad. It wasn't bad, but it didn't compare to the crab cakes or her sweet lemon drop cocktail.

The atmosphere topped off the nice evening. We stopped in late on a Sunday night, so our waitress was actually the fantastic bartender. The relaxed feeling was great after a long drive with rain and crazy drivers. The artwork is surprising considering Greenville is known for one "university." Not that it's anything unusual for art; the paintings are an unexpected delight in what appears to be a conservative town. (We don't live here and only pass through, so we could be completely wrong.)

These are tapas, so don't expect to fill up on one plate. The flavors and dishes are satisfying, however. We each had one plate and split a third for a light dinner.

Yelp tags: Nightlife Restaurants

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