The Broke Socialite Does… SugarComa


5/5 stars

Full disclosure: I *did* pay for my ticket, and I received more than my money's worth. I would never have known this was TBS's first event. The whole experience was very smooth and professional. This was a great way to sample many of Atlanta's bakeries. I likely wouldn't have known of Noon's desserts or Black Tie BBQ's great food.

We ended up with so many take-home, high-quality sweets we asked the bakers for advice on freezing them. The bakers and chefs were incredibly helpful and talkative, showing great pride in their work.

Black Tie's chicken was smoked perfectly. They made a point of serving without sauce so nothing would be hidden. And their bok choi, well, wow. Le Fais Do Do has a nifty space for events. Love'n Cupcakes worked around the weather and started the afternoon tour off with a delicious sugar rush. Their red velvet cupcake is just what one should be. The tour of the new West Egg digs has all of us looking forward to the move. Bakeshop? Wow. The spread was incredible and very high-quality. A bakery willing to serve croissants to reviewers is stating they know their work. The croissants were quite good, probably the best I've had commercially in the US, and the take-home gift still is waiting for breakfast toasting. Noon Midtown provided a great sampler and a teaser for their upcoming dinner service. The spiked coffee was much appreciated, too. Little Cake Bakery's consideration was incredible. Rather than serving us *more* sweets to eat right away, they gifted us with four cupcakes each. And, as I said, also helped us with freezing tips.

My only bit of sadness was being on the Cacao-less tour (I'm a chocolatier in the fantasy world of my imagination). And no one's creating fancy sugar work, but Atlanta's humidity does rather limit sugar structures. Thanks to Cadillac for providing scarily complicated but smooth riding vehicles.

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