Tagaris Winery and Restaurant

844 Tulip Ln
Richland, WA 99352 USA
(509) 628-0020


4/5 stars

Oh yes. This is food. Pea vine and radish in a rosé vinaigrette. Asparagus flatbread. Both were right on target. The pea vines could have been a touch longer to make cutting easier, but that's so insanely picky… The flatbread was *BROWNED*, which is a rarity! Not burnt, but wonderfully crisp with a bit of the dark brown that comes from the right heat and time in their oven. The cuisine was definitely fusion with inspirations from all around the Mediterranean.

I believe we had their Red Roan and Pinot Gris, although I could be wrong. Both were very good. The red was a perfect meal wine. I only had a small taste of the white, but the white had a nice spice.

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