Taco Pete

2957 Main St
East Point, GA 30344 USA
(404) 968-4790


3/5 stars

The tacos and burritos are pretty good. Not amazing, but good and plentiful for the price. The meat's typical. It's across the street from Taco Bell, and that will make *anything* fantastic by comparison (well, almost anything). And bear in mind that I'm comparing Taco Pete with places at least six hours away.

Cilantro, thankfully, is optional. Taco Pete's advertises itself as LA-style, and that kept me from visiting them… I hate cilantro, and it's a "required" ingredient on that coast. And the combo burritos offer beans rather than rice (no, seriously, people *like* rice in burritos?)… or potatoes? That's a new one for me. I probably should have tried it, but I just wanted a burrito fix.

Come fall and more enjoyable temperatures, the rating may go up… The heat makes conversation with the folks there a little difficult.

Yelp tags: Mexican

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