Sweet Maria's Coffee

1115 21st St
Oakland, CA 94607 USA
(888) 876-5917


5/5 stars

Their care in selecting and reviewing the green coffee they carry is perfect for beginners and dabblers like me. Start here. They not only carry coffee but also host a ton of information on-line, actively participate in their coffee mailing list, and generally try to form a community around good coffee from tree to cup.

If you're nearby, you can pick up during limited hours. Saves on shipping and lets you meet (quickly; they're really busy) some great people.

The prices seem good, and the quality is superb. I've only had their pre-roasted coffee once (at their 10th anniversary party), but it was excellent.

And yes, I'm drinking coffee from their beans as I write this. An Ethiopian Golocha. Wonderfully rich on the City/Full City border. I nailed this one…

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea

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