Sun Dial Restaurant

210 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30303 USA
(404) 589-7506


2/5 stars

Service? Service? Ser… Hello? Could we get a dr… Hello? Um, excus… Perdó… Przepra… Entschuld… (similarly in character sets Yelp won't accept)…

Nope. None of the languages our group knew sufficiently worked. We eventually received drinks while taking up rotating table space, probably about three rotations late. I had fairly quick service for *my* first drink, but I was the first one there. Fast service for a table of one, slow service for a larger group… Someone's unclear on how tips work. (Or, honestly, upon realizing it's a multinational group, they may have been quite clear on how tips from those groups often work.)

The view out is great, as is the view of the crowd. But the service was astoundingly bad, and it wasn't even crowded. Given the difficulty of extracting drinks (and their price v. size), we didn't even attempt food.

But it was nice chatting while looking at lit-up landmarks. I'm kinda confused as to why there are a few televisions oddly mounted on the non-rotating area's pathway. They interfere with the night-time view.

Yelp tags: American (New) American (Traditional)

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