• Streatery

240 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30303 USA


4/5 stars

For less than the price of a drink at Blake's, you get a hunk of sausage that would make you the envy of most folks there.

Mine was loaded up with standard ketchup and mustard, basic kraut, and other yums. The beef sausage was firm, thick, and spread its juices with a little attention. Arriving just at noon, there was no wait.

I'm glad there's a hot dog stand near the IPDPS conference. Wish there were one near Tech…

The only drawback is dealing with people who don't know how to walk in public. This seems to be a country-wide epidemic. When walking, the following events imply *NOT STOPPING IMMEDIATELY*: stepping onto a curb, entering a door, stepping off an escalator or staircase, feeling your phone ring, seeing serious beef slinging…

(I'm reserving another star for the future.)

Yelp tags: Hot Dogs Food Stands

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