Steady Hand Pour House

1593 North Decatur Rd
Atlanta, GA 30307 USA
(404) 687-5177


4/5 stars

I tried this location when it was Octane, but the feeling was off. The coffee was, of course, quite good. Now that this location has its own feel, I could see myself visiting often if I were related to Emory. It's comfortable. That was missing (to me) in the previous incarnation. I can't entirely say why. The tables and seating seem more friendly now. And I like Octane (on Westside). Steady Hand has its own feel even being this young.

The coffee isn't worth mentioning. It's perfectly executed. At this level, there's not much else to say. I now am wondering why Sweet Maria's doesn't carry more Bolivian beans. I'm more of the chew-on-my-coffee type, but their drip coffee method is correct. The water's not too hot, and they don't rush . Each cup is brewed via a bitty Chemex. It's not the bar o' plastic filter holders. It may *become* that if they take off simply because of volume, but still the beans are well-sourced, well-roasted, and well-prepared.

Why not five stars? *shrug* I'm a press-pot guy. I really do like chewing on the dregs. And I expect Steady Hand to grow upward, so I want to give them the room.

Also (and I'm hiding this at the end): Sugar Coated Radical used their espresso mix in a yummy. I didn't try it (long story), but I suspect it follows her excellent style of emphasizing the chocolate with related flavors.

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea

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