Spring4th Complex

728 Spring St NW
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 870-0040


4/5 stars

Ok, so I'm not at all qualified to write a review of an event center after attending one event, but I feel compelled to point out a rare, important feature: a coat check!

You know how many "up-scale" restaurants, etc. expect you to lug your coat around and dodge the wait staff while dressing and undressing among patrons who really don't want to be bothered? AUGH. Spring4th has a coat check. I'm not sure if every event uses it… Note well, event planners, that a coat check lets your attendees feel like respected people rather than merely customers.

The rest? The space is nice. The large room in back was packed with vendors this time, but I can see it being open for other uses. Trash was bussed quickly and effectively (yeah, trash, but how many attendees use correct recycling containers even when available?). Plenty of rest rooms. Perhaps the most important point is that I paid more attention to the event than the space. It's within walking distance for me, but there appears to be plenty of parking nearby.

I'll be back for other events. Maybe it's shallow, but the coat check bumps this place up.

Yelp tags: Venues & Event Spaces

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