So Long Summer Elite Event at SweetWater Brewery

195 Ottley Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30324 USA


5/5 stars

Beer. BBQ. People. Party. And plenty of room for all of the above.

DBA's pork was moist and delicious. Not a fan of the cheese on the corn, but that's the only thing of theirs I had that wasn't very good. The folks working the tables did a great job moving us through with a smile. We had been warned there would be snacks, and here's a full meal!

And the beer… It's Sweetwater. It's good. Really good. They use quality ingredients, even down to hand-picked blueberries. I actually like their blueberry beer; it lacks the artificial, astringent quality I've tasted in others. The Sweetwater Blue doesn't have much of a blueberry *taste*, but rather a blueberry smell atop a good IPA. Their dank tank beer right now also has touch of blueberry in an interesting wheat + Belgian yeast. No direct berry at all, but all around great. And the Motor Boat is a nice ESB.

The tour convinced me they're moving upwards without sacrificing their standards. Good stuff. I wish them continued success.

Great finally putting real people with names & avatars. Kathleen knows how to throw a party…

Yelp tags: Local Flavor

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